Consultation launch: Clinical consensus statement on protective measures for vulnerable groups

The national consultation link for clinicians is:-


  • The APPG-VGP was founded by MPs and Peers who are concerned about the needs of vulnerable groups to pandemics and who would like to encourage actions to promote a greater priority for prevention, treatment and support for those groups.
  • There has an increasing amount of work showing that whilst vaccines are effective for the population, there is good evidence that vaccine effectiveness wanes in cancer patients (REF: and many immunocompromised patients do not generate any antibody responses following vaccination.
  • New treatments have been developed that can protect immunocompromised groups. This will give them more protection from coronavirus and could provide the critical-boost to vaccination.
  • These drugs are antibody treatments and have been developed from British company, AstraZeneca. Evusheld is one of these drugs and has been given regulatory approval for use in the United Kingdom ( It is given as a one-off treatment and administered in a similar fashion to a vaccine.
  • There is no clinical consensus about the appropriateness of this drug in the UK. There are at least 11 different medical specialities treating immunocompromised groups across our four nations. 


The APPG-VGP has therefore launched a comprehensive consultation to run to 31st  July 2022, about the potential for an independent clinical consensus statement for protective measures for Vulnerable groups during the pandemic.

Gaining the full support of clinicians and doctors across the United Kingdom is important to ensure that Vulnerable Groups during the pandemic continue to get the very best clinical care in the NHS during the coronavirus pandemic.

We ask that interested parties disseminate the link to their contact lists of clinicians treating vulnerable or immunocompromised groups. The national consultation link for clinicians is:-"


Dr Lennard YW Lee, DPhil (Oxon), MRCP-UK, BmBCh (Oxon), MA (Cantab)

“Immunocompromised patients may not develop a good immune response following vaccination. They may need a novel treatment that gives an antibody immunity boost and more protection from coronavirus. The consultation is needed to understand the views of the medical community and develop agreement on this novel form of protective antibody treatment.

Bob Blackman MP, Co-chair APPG -VGP

“Coronavirus rates have started to rise again and so it is very important that we consider what else can be done to protect vulnerable groups. New treatments could give a critical antibody immunity boost. This will help immunocompromised people feel much more confident about their levels of protection and reduce pressures in hospitals"