#forgotten500k Westminster vigil

Families and friends of the #forgotten500k, vulnerable people who need immediate access to Evusheld to protect them this winter, gathered on Wednesday to hold a vigil on parliament square, remebering those still at risk of Covid-19 and continuing to sheild.

There was a wonderful turnout of a number of supportive parliamentarians: Anna McMorrin; Desmond Swayne; Caroline Ansell; David Rutley; Ben Bradshaw; Catherine West; Baroness Brinton; Daisy Cooper; Lord Mendelsohn; Munira Wilson; Wes Streeting; Vicky Foxcroft ; Carolyn Davies; Mims Davies; Tim Loughton; and Vera Hobhouse.

The vigil showed acutely the fear and burden that those without adequate protection continue to face. Action must be taken to put pressure on the Government to deliver Evusheld to all who need it. It is an injustice that immunocompromised are expected to pay for the only protection that is available to them.

How can this inequality of access to life-saving treatment be justified?  The APPG will be continuing to ask this question and push for this protection to be rolled out so that these people and their families can live without fear of a life threatening illness and to protect the NHS.