Minister of State for Health, Robert Jenrick, to meet MPs and experts regarding access to Evusheld

In recognition of the pressure on the Government to act to protect the immunocompromised from Covid-19, Robert Jenrick, Minister of State for Health, will hold a MP briefing on Thursday 20 October at 11am with medical experts to answer questions on the access to Evusheld. 

Many constituents, doctors, scientists, academics, media and parliamentarians have been calling for action on the absence of leadership on the Covid-19 treatment called Evusheld. Although, for many, Covid-19 is now a mild disease due to protection offered by vaccines, there are up to 500,000 immunocompromised patients in the UK who potentially cannot receive vaccines or post-infection treaments. For these people, Covid-19 is life threatening and the precautions they take to remain safe continue to restrict thier freedoms. 

We encourage all MPs to attend this upcoming briefing and express to the Government the urgency of making Evusheld available. 

Please find attached to this bulletin a breifing which provides more information about Evusheld, the immunocompromised community and the action needed to protect this community.