Recent meeting: COVID-19 vaccine prioritisation for vulnerable groups

On 9 December 2020, Lord Lansley, Vice-Chair of the APPG on Vulnerable Groups to Pandemics, hosted the APPG webinar on COVID-19 Vaccination Prioritisation for Vulnerable Groups to discuss issues in the prioritisation and delivery of vaccines for vulnerable groups, and tandem health measures to support vulnerable groups through COVID-19 and future pandemics.

The APPG invited guests and its members to discuss data on the impact on vulnerable groups through COVID-19, the projected impact of the vaccine, and plans for its delivery among vulnerable groups. Following this timely and relevant discussion, the APPG members agreed on the following areas which need further clarification during COVID-19 vaccine deployment for vulnerable groups.

  • The need for a communication strategy to encourage high-risk groups to be vaccinated as vaccine hesitancy remains within those groups;
  • The extension of vaccination prioritisation to family members and carers of vulnerable groups;
  • Whether one or more vaccines would be more suitable to some CEV people than another;
  • Whether and how patients may be allowed to choose which vaccines to take;
  • Whether CEV patients with underlying conditions, regardless of their age, should be prioritised for vaccination in band 4 instead of band 6.

The APPG informed the Minister for COVID-19 Vaccine Deployment about the discussion and is awaiting his response.

Find the full meeting report in MEETINGS.